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Motorized Pulleys lagging requirements and custom belts

With Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys, we have the flexibility and capability to meet any belting requirements.

Recently, we had a customer that needed a Motorized Pulley that could work with an Intralox® 800 belt profile. Since this was going into a food processing facility and hygiene is paramount, Rulmeca offered a custom, full stainless steel solution.

By machining the drive sprockets into the Motorized Pulley's shell, we can eliminate harborage points and create a much more hygienic product.

This customization also makes the Motorized Pulley easier to clean and more resistant to wear than traditional sprockets. We create these custom shells to fit your existing belt profiles, decreasing downtime and helping you move your goods efficiently.

Exhibitor: Rulmeca Germany GmbH

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