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Breathe deeply: Erkat develops efficient dust extraction systems for rotary drum cutters

Enemy dust particles

Dust diseases are the most common officially recognized occupational diseases. In particular, quartz occurring on construction sites can cause irreparable damage. Dust particles at the workplace consequently come under the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (Gefahrstoffverordnung) and must be avoided.

Systems which bind the dust particles with mist to achieve lower exposure are already in use. However, these solutions are flawed: A large sensitivity to wind jeopardises the effective suppression of dust; the personnel and maintenance costs are too high.

Service directly at the “crime scene”

Erkat has developed a simple, robust and reliable system, which meets the requirements of demolition companies. A universal console with integrated spray nozzles applies the mist directly on the cutting head or milling area - independently of the wind conditions. The operation is carried out by the excavator driver - closely and effectively. The hose is routed under the dipper arm for optimum positioning, the water supply via a separate tank outside the machine.
Optionally, the universal console can be fitted with an additional supply line hydraulic filter to protect the hydraulic motor.

This new innovative system is already being used successfully with the transverse cutting heads of models ER 1500 and ER 1700. Further models are under development.

For indoor use where water spraying is not possible, Erkat also offers a new extraction system for dry dust removal. A mobile system with dust extraction air tubes provides optimal dust extraction directly where dust forms (for example, surface milling).

Exhibitor: Erkat Anbaufräsen PC GmbH

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